FES students take top DOE Better Buildings honors for 2nd year in a row

Ken Shipp/DOE PhotoMore good news from Yale students! Just weeks after their fellow Yalies garnered a spot in the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon, fellow FES students won Duke’s inaugural Energy in Emerging Markets case competition, two teams of FES students came away with wins at the DOE Better Buildings Case Competition in Washington, D.C. While most students were enjoying exotic spring break vacations, the two teams went head to head with other schools on the subjects of energy use in public buildings and utility solar investment strategies.
Team members included: CBEY research assistants Emily Greenlee (MEM ’14), HilaryKen Shipp/DOE Photo Staver (MESc ’14), Rob Youngs (MEM ’15), Marley Urdanick (MEM ’15), Benjamin Butterworth (MEM ’14), as well as FES students Truman Mak (MEM ’14), Michael Brod (MEM ’14), Jorge Enrique Lopez (MEM ’15), Robert Orvis (MEM ’14), and Simon Gore (MEM ’15). This is the second year in a row that FES teams have won the national contest.



Read more about their experience on the FES blog.

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