About CBEY

Environmental awareness has become an important strategic focus in the business world. In today’s global economy, leading businesses recognize that corporate environmental strategy contributes to competitiveness and shareholder value.

The Yale Center for Business and the Environment provides a focal point for research, education, and outreach to advance business solutions to global environmental problems.

The Center joins the strengths of two world-renowned graduate schools – the Yale School of Management and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies – together with a network of internal and external thought leaders at the business-environment interface.

Professors, students, alumni, guest scholars, and affiliates of each school contribute to the Center’s mission through an integrated set of activities that address business approaches to the world’s most significant environmental issues. Our work connects students, executives, academics, and policy-makers, and spans issues from environmental finance to corporate social responsibility. We provide visibility to experts and catalyze the innovative, pragmatic ideas that will shape the future of both business and the environment.

About the Blog

This blog features the questions, thoughts and insights of graduate students at Yale working to shape a new conversation on economic growth and environmental protection.

Most blogs are written by Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies MEM 2015 candidate, Minna Brown. Minna comes to CBEY with a background in online communications in both the environmental nonprofit and the web strategy consulting worlds. When she’s not writing about sustainable business here, she’s working on digital strategy for the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, poring over food blogs to scheme her next extravagant cooking project, or playing outside with her dog, Jake.

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